We raise laying hens, meat birds, and chicks currently at Happy Hens Durham. Here’s a list of our products and prices:

Free Range and Pasture Raised Eggs

Our laying hens are given free access to an acre of land to peck their way through brush, grass, dirt and trees, as well as chicken feed. These eggs have nice, vibrant, orange yolks and thick shells. Sometimes you’ll even get a lucky egg with two yolks from a young hen! The shells of our eggs vary in color from white to tan to brown to green to blue! We also have occasional bantam eggs.

  • Prices:
    • 1dz eggs: $4
    • 1.5dz eggs: $6

Poultry Meat (Whole and Portions)

Our meat birds are the polar opposites of the usual run-of-the-mill chicken that most Americans are used to. Our birds diet, their raising, their treatment and how they’re processed is all foreign to most farms today. Farms where meat birds get to feel the grass between their toes, and the feeling of a breeze through their feathers are rare!

Once at the proper weight our birds are processed and usually weigh between 4 and 6 lbs. We offer both whole chicken and butchered chicken in the form of wings, legs and thighs, and breast. Prices are provided below. Prices vary from year to year based on the cost of feed.

  • May 2019 Prices
    • Whole Chicken
      • $4.00/lb
    • Chicken Portions
      • Chicken Breast: $10/lb
      • Chicken Wings: $6.25/lb
      • Chicken Drumstick + Thigh: $6.75 per lb

We try to price competitively. Here is the NC Dept of Agriculture monthly price report for Pasture Raised Poultry and other small-farm products for comparison

Stew Birds (Available Sporadically)

These are the chickens that your granny used to cook! Our stew birds are older laying hens and cockerels, the kind that old-school farms used to grow. These birds are tougher than your usual chicken meat, but have an out-of-this-world flavor. These old-school birds require older methods of cooking. This can sometimes mean lower cooking temperatures and longer cooking times such as chicken recipes from the ’50s, or simply using these birds for “wet” dishes such as soups, and chilis in the crockpot where they can marinate for hours. The end-result is an extremely flavorful bird that makes excellent chicken stock.

We only offer stewbirds as a whole chicken.

  • Prices
    • Whole Chicken: $2.50/lb


Note: These chicks are for agricultural purposes, I.E egg laying or meat production.

We sell two kinds of chicks at Happy Hens Durham. The first kind that we sell are Mille Fleur D’Uccle Bantams, which are cute brown and white spotted chickens with beards and fuzzy feet. There are pictures of our adults of this breed in the gallery below. The other kind are Barnyard Mixes of high-egg producers which can be seen in the table below:

Mother (Hen)Father (Rooster)
Rhode Island RedRhode Island Red
Barred RockBarred Rock
Easter EggerEaster Egger
Salmon FaverolleSalmon Faverolle
White LeghornWhite Leghorn
Black Australorp
Buff Orphington
Black/Red Sexlink

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